The 2016 EHA National Conference Committee are very pleased to welcome the below keynote speakers to the conference program.

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Walker Smith
Director, Office of Global Affairs and Policy,
US Environmental Protection Agency

Walker B. Smith is the Director of the Office of Global Affairs and Policy of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Her office is responsible for high-profile multi-lateral international environmental issues, and works closely with international organizations, including the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and the Arctic Council. Her office has played significant roles in landmark issues including the successful negotiations of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, leads efforts on the Land Based Sources Protocol to the Cartagena Convention, chairs OECD committees including the Environmental Policy Committee, and manages the environmental trade portfolio.

Prior to joining the international office in 2009, Ms. Smith was the Director of EPA’s Office of Civil Enforcement, where she was responsible for the civil enforcement of all of the regulatory statutes that fall within EPA’s jurisdiction, including the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and statutes covering the management of wastes, pesticides, and chemicals.

Under her leadership the Agency brought to conclusion cases against most of the electric utility companies and petroleum refineries in the United States for violations of the Clean Air Act, resulting in billions of dollars in injunctive relief and hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties, and resolved cases against many of the major municipalities in the U.S. to bring sewage systems into compliance with the law and make necessary investments in infrastructure.

Before coming to EPA, Ms. Smith was an attorney with the Environmental Enforcement Section of the United States Department of Justice, where she held the positions of Trial Attorney, Assistant Chief, and Principal Deputy Chief. Ms Smith is a member of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States, and is the recipient of the Presidential Rank Award.


Peter croppedProfessor Peter McIntyre
Director,  National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance

Peter McIntyre is the Director of the National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance. He trained as a paediatrician and infectious disease physician, completing the FRACP in 1986, and became a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine in 1992. Peter completed his PhD in the epidemiology of invasive Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) disease with the School of Public Health, University of Sydney, in 1995. Professor McIntyre has a clinical appointment at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead as a Senior Staff Specialist in Infectious Diseases and a conjoint academic appointment as Professor in the Discipline of Child & Adolescent Health and the School of Public Health, University of Sydney. Personal research interests have focussed on bacterial VPDs – Hib, pneumococcus and pertussis.  He is the member of two recent SAGE working groups on pertussis (2009-10 and 2013-14) and of the WHO Immunisation and Vaccine Implementation Research Advisory Committee (IVIR-AC). He is the Chief Investigator on a randomised controlled trial of first dose of pertussis vaccine at birth versus at 6 weeks of age and author of more than 300 papers, with >80 related to pertussis and pertussis vaccines.

David Dyjack
Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer
National Environmental Health Association, USA

David T. Dyjack, Dr.PH, CIH is Executive Director & CEO of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), the largest and most influential environmental health association in the United States. He contributes to many national advisory committees in public health covering the broad menu of capacity building initiatives inclusive of continuing professional education, academic degrees, emergency preparedness, hydraulic fracturing, climate change, informatics, & general environmental health practice.  Under his leadership, NEHA has established a presence in Washington D.C. in support of efforts to influence national policy, and revitalized the Association’s social media footprint.  He earned a doctorate in public health from the University of Michigan, an MSPH from the University of Utah, and is a board certified industrial hygienist (CIH).


Dr DaveyDr Peter Davey
Senior Lecturer and Environmental Management Program Director
Griffith University, Brisbane

Dr Peter Davey is a Senior Lecturer and Environmental Management Program Director at Griffith University, Brisbane. Peter teaches and has research students
across issues including Environmental Health and Protection, DRR – Disaster Management and CCA – Climate Change Adaptation and SDGs -Community Planning. Peter is Director of the Indonesian Sustainable Development Centre – CESDI at Nathan campus. He has conducted over 20 professional short courses in the Asia and the Pacific Region mainly in Indonesia and more recently in Europe and Korea on Environmental Health and Disaster Management. Peter is a certified UNISDR Global DRR Trainer and Accredited EHO and a Fellow of EHA.





mitch pic1Mitch McPherson
SPEAK UP!  Stay ChatTY

Few people have the drive and dedication of Mitch McPherson.  When his younger brother Ty took his own life in 2013, Mitch, a glazier by trade, turned the devastating loss into the successful suicide prevention charity SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY.

Since then, Mitch has spoken to 150 school groups, workplaces and sporting clubs and is committed to spreading the message that nothing is so bad that you can’t talk about it.  Through partnering with key community groups, businesses and sporting identities SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY now has over 14,000 likes on their Facebook page, and the support continues to grow daily.

Mitch’s list of personal achievements since creating the charity continue to grow. Since 2013, Mitch has been awarded the following:
* Clarence Citizen of the Year award in 2014

* Tasmanian of the Year finalist 2014

* Southern  Cross Young Achiever, Heather and Christopher Chong Community Service award 2015

* Tasmanian Pride of Australia Medal for Community Spirit 2015

* Southern Cross Young Achiever, St Luke’s Healthier Communities award 2016

* Premiers Young Achiever of the Year Award 2016

Since 2014 Mitch has partnered with Relationships Australia Tasmania to ensure that the message of SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY continues to grow.  Mitch’s vision is that SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY will become a national charity, with a real focus on delivering programs at schools around Australia to increase awareness and remove the stigma of mental health.